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Redirect participants from a screener

Integrate with Ethnio to screen participants or integrate with other services to screen participants using our recruitment service.

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What is a screener?

A participant screener is a separate tool (often a snippet of Javascript code) that you put on your website to intercept visitors for surveying.

When using a tool like Ethnio, you can intercept visitors to your website, screen them based on survey criteria, and if they're the kind of visitor you're looking for, you can point them at your Optimal Workshop study.

At the end of the study activity, we automatically notify the screener that the participant completed, so you can be sure they finished (if you're doing something like offering a voucher as a reward).

How to integrate with Ethnio

We have automatic integration done with Ethnio because they have an openly accessible API (meaning we can communicate freely with their programming system).

Once you've sourced and screened participants through Ethnio, you can integrate your study URL so that participants can complete your study. Make sure you've launched your Optimal Workshop study before you set up the redirect URL in Ethnio.

  • On step 4 of your screener setup ('Thanks'), check the box that says 'Activate Branching Logic'.

  • In the 'Study URL' field that appears, enter the link to your Optimal Workshop study.

  • Where it says 'Select a UX Research Tool', click the 'Activate' button under 'Optimal Workshop'.

You don't need to do anything in your Optimal Workshop settings, so once you've set up your screener, you're ready to go!

Integrating with other screener services

If you want to use other panels, we use the URL interface to pass information in and out, which we detail in the following two articles:

If there are other requirements set up by a participant panel, we have had the option to set up the necessary integration for individual studies upon request.

Using our integrated recruitment panel

You can also recruit participants for your studies using our integrated recruitment panel. You can recruit based on age, location, gender, education, and occupation, and it usually costs between US$8โ€“13 per person, depending on your requirements.

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