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Guide to using session replay

Learn how to turn on session replay for card sorts, view participant recordings, and more.

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Session replay

With session replay, you can record participants working through a card sort to visualize how they complete a card sort and identify areas where users struggle to categorize information to correlate with the data.

How to activate session replay

To activate session replay, create a card sort or open an existing card sort that has yet to be launched.

Click on ‘Set up,’ then ‘Settings’; here, you will see the new section called 'Session replay.' Click on the 'On' button. No plugins required.

Session replay is off by default; you must turn it on for each card sort while setting up the study.

How do I replay a card sort?

To review the recording of a participant's card sort, go to Results > Participants > Select a participant > Session replay.

Do I need to use a plug in?

No, using session replay is as simple as turning it on in the card sort settings.

Can session replay record audio and faces?

This feature does not record faces or audio. Session replay does not record participants' screens like Loom or Gong; it records the actions that participants take as data, which is replicated as a recording.

Can we use session replay for CINT-recruited participants?

When Session Replay is enabled for a study, participants from the in-app or custom recruitment options (CINT) can be used, however, their interactions won’t be recorded and available for replay.

How can I turn on session replays? I can not see it in the card sort settings.

You'll need to contact your account administrator at your organization to ask for this to be activated at an organizational level.

I am an account admin; how do I turn on session replay?

It’s really easy for session replay to be enabled or disabled by the organization admin just by navigating to Settings > Features > Session Replay, where it can be toggled on/off.

Is screen replays available for tree testing and first-click testing?

At launch screen replays are only available on card sorts. This new feature will soon be added to other methods including tree testing in the near future.

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